Finance support

Supporting & Guiding Poor Patients


Our objective is to extend our Services in the area of Health and hygiene by identifying and extending our Financial, Moral and Volunteer support to the Poor and needy patients who are suffering from different problems. Our Volunteers are very actively participating, Supporting, guiding poor, needy and unknown & unaware patients at Hospitals. We also provide lively hood support to make them self-sufficient.

We conduct Medical Camps in Slums, Villages and low-income families and medical awareness sessions.

Our Criteria

Ø  Collect Preliminary details in our specified format like Family details, Health Problem and Financial Position with Income Proofs & Doctor authenticated letter with required reports

Ø  Verify the details by visiting personally collect all necessary documents

Ø  Request Media (Paper/TV), Friends, NGOs for their support (if necessary & agreed by Patient)

Ø  Try to Pool up funds from different sources and pay the amount directly to the Hospital

We can support only in the following cases

ü  If the Total amount required is minimum and within our possible reach (Operation/Surgery/Medicines etc.,)

ü  If the amount is huge and if they are trying to get funds from different sources then we extend our hand only if they collected the remaining entire amount

ü  If they totally depend on us for the help (either amount is little/ huge). Then we will go for the 2nd opinion and or for Ayurvedic/Homeopathy treatment. Based on the opinion treatment will be decided.

ü  Apart from the above we may accept few others as Special Cases based on the situation


Project Coordinator  NAVEEN KUMAR 9849685945